What is targeted marketing and why do you need it?

Targeted marketing is designed to raise awareness of a service or product among a specific group of people – typically a smaller subset of a total market.

This group of people being marketed to, referred to as the “target audience”, may be specific consumers, professionals, households or even businesses depending on the type of customers a marketer seeks to reach.

This type of marketing has proved to be an effective approach that offers many benefits to companies, including generating revenue, business expansion, improving returns on investment and making savings by avoiding a scattergun approach to marketing campaigns.

What makes targeted marketing different to other kinds of marketing?

In contrast to broader approaches to raising brand awareness like billboard advertising, targeted marketing zeros in on specific customers. Rather than promoting products and services to all, it starts by profiling and defining which audience is the best fit for them and designs personalised messaging aimed to appeal to them.

This approach differs greatly from traditional marketing that starts with a promotional message and expects consumer to respond to it. The drawback of this conventional tactic is that those marketing cannot know who might react to a message, or even if it will be relevant to them.

However, using targeted marketing campaigns, companies can ensure that they are promoting products to people who are likely to be interested in them, and can design messaging that is more likely to resonate with them. As a result, business can increase the possibility of both lead conversion and their revenue growth.

Why do businesses need targeted marketing campaigns?

Essentially, the more a business knows about its target audience, website users and followers, the easier it is for its marketing and sales teams to obtain these individuals’ business and improve revenues for the company. With a greater understanding of its customers, a business’s marketing department can create messaging that speaks specifically to them in a language they will respond well to. This can help companies to cut through the constant barrage of irrelevant advertising most people are faced with daily, and position themselves as a resource to be trusted.

Targeted marketing is a far more effective way of advertising products and services and converting leads into loyal customers. Even the most well-designed email campaign can fail utterly if it is not being aimed at the correct audience, and can see marketers hit ‘send’ and receive no returns. Likewise, social media promotions may appear dynamic and attention grabbing, but if they have not been tailored to a specific demographic, they may experience disappointing levels of engagement.

Taking the time to understand a product or service’s audience can make all the difference in helping companies avoid wasting money on expensive unfocused advertising, and time on email campaigns. With a consistent and clear message aimed at specific clients, companies can craft campaigns that help them generate substantial growth.

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